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A grouping of mini-column cactus nestled in a gilded clay container.

9in X 9in X 9in

Barrel Cactus in Clay Container

The Barrel cactus is a classic desert plant, this 8" faux Barrel comes in a guided clay polished container, making the perfect addition to any space. 

9in x 9in x 11in

Barrel Cactus in Large Concrete Bowl

Bring the outdoors inside with this gorgeous concrete bowl filled with various Barrell cacti along with multicolored moss, perfect for a table centerpiece!


17in x 17in x 15in

Echeveria in a Concrete Container

This adorable 8" Echeveria in a gilded concrete container is the perfect piece for any area that needs a pop of green.

9in x 9in x 14in

Life like to the touch and potted in a gently gilded concrete container.

A bundle of pencil Cacti nestled in a gilded concrete container, perfect for any area in your home!

9in X 9in X 17in

Preserved roses of different sizes set into a concrete bowl, finished with beautiful pieces of geodes and preserved moss.

16in X 16in X 9in


These Incredibly life-like faux succulents are potted in a large concrete bowl and are decorated with chunks of geodes, grape wood, and preserved moss. This piece is perfect for bringing a spot of botanical brightness to your home office!

20in X 17in X 15in

Succulents of all different shapes and sizes fill a sleek concrete bow, finished with preserved moss and genuine pieces of geodes.

13in X 13in X 9in

Three various succulents complete this trio, making them the perfect addition to any home or office that is in need of some color! 

3in X 3in X 5in

Succulents in Small Pots - Set of 3

An adorable family of various succulents gathered together to make the cutest little trio. Great for a gift a friend or for yourself!

5in X 5in X 7in

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