Succulents, Grass, Cacti

Every Arrangement that includes Succulents, Grasses, or Cactus

Baby Grass Succulent


This baby grass succulent in a white marble-like container is the perfect finishing touch for any small space!  5in x 5in x 6in

Echeveria Succulent


This amazingly cute baby succulent in white marble-like ceramic container is the perfect piece for a desk or bookcase!  5in x 5in x 6in

Succulents in Silver Boat

$525.00 – $550.00

This elegant silver boat is filled with succulents, generous chunks of geodes and various moss It makes the perfect centerpiece that everyone is sure to talk about!  32in X 8in X...

Succulents in Silver Square Container


There are many varieties of succulents and they combine into beautiful arrangements.  This faux succulent garden mixes four plants with a lovely piece of green calcite geode. At ten inches...

Agave Succulents in a Wood Log


A wooden planter of lively succulents! Agave Succulents in Hand Carved Wood Log comes with five faux agave succulents sprouting from a hand-carved wood log lined with different shades of...

Cabbage Roses in Silver Square


The cabbage rose arrangement contains four realistic, lovely faux cabbage roses in cream, red, or yellow, nestled side by side with two types of faux succulents.  The cabbage rose arrangement...

Agave in Rectangular Glass


Agave plants to keep your space looking naturally fresh. These faux agaves with a natural green tint are designed to lift the mood of any space in your home, your...

Tree Grass in Large Rectangle Box


A splash of green brings energy to any space. This stunning, artificial tree grass in a large, rectangular container creates clean, healthy vibes—a burst of color, ready to stand on...

Succulents & Geodes in Concrete Bowl

3 reviews $299.00

Beautiful geodes and faux succulents are the stars of this striking arrangement that brings to mind a desert landscape. Surrounding the geodes is a collection of different faux succulents. Spiky,...

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