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Give any space a splash of style with this gorgeous arrangement in a one of a kind mixed metal, two-toned aluminum container; filled with Hydrangeas, chunks of real beautiful stones, and sedum.  


14in x 12in x 12in

This arrangement features white Phalaenopsis Orchids in a waterfall design and is fit perfectly into a metal container that is filled with chunks of stones, agate slabs, and choice succulents along with preserved moss!

Choice of:
Gold Container with Quartz
Silver Container with Blue Calcite

27in X 18in X 21in

One of our favorites, this preserved moss-filled pod topped with a gorgeous piece of stone will instantly add glitz & glamour to any space!

Choice of: Amethyst, Quartz, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Green Calcite

5in x 5in x 6in

Echeveria in a Concrete Container

This adorable 8" Echeveria in a gilded concrete container is the perfect piece for any area that needs a pop of green.

9in x 9in x 14in

Eight faux green-tinted agaves lined in a clear rectangle glass container and set with soft, natural preserved mosses.

Choice of Green Moss or Cream Moss

Size: 24L X 4W X 7H

Baby Wood Log with Sedums Baby Wood Log with Sedums

Invigorate your space with this beautiful baby log filled with sedums and balanced off with small chunks of beautiful stones!

Purple Toned Sedums with Amethyst
Green Toned Sedums with Crystals

18in x 5in x 4in

**wood may vary**

Draped Orchids with Amethyst in Leaf Motif Container

24in X 18in X 14in

Barrel Cactus in Large Concrete Bowl

Bring the outdoors inside with this gorgeous concrete bowl filled with various Barrell cacti along with multicolored moss, perfect for a table centerpiece!


17in x 17in x 15in

Cabbage Roses in Silver Square Cabbage Roses in Silver Square
cream red yellow
cream red yellow

This delightful assortment of faux cabbage roses and succulents are gathered into a ceramic silver square container. This display is perfect for a bookcase, tabletop, or countertop! 

Available with red, cream, or yellow roses

5in X 8in X 8in 

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