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Double Orchid in Old World Pot Double Orchid in Old World Pot
fuchsia green white
fuchsia green white

Double Phalaenopsis Orchids set into an old-world clay pot, finished with preserved moss!

Your choice of - White, Fuschia, Green

8in X 8in X 22in

This arrangement features white Phalaenopsis Orchids in a waterfall design and is fit perfectly into a metal container that is filled with chunks of stones, agate slabs, and choice succulents along with preserved moss!

Choice of:
Gold Container with Quartz
Silver Container with Blue Calcite

27in X 18in X 21in

Looking for that perfect finishing touch for your tablescape? Look no further! This stunning orchid arrangement is a classic, finished with either a large piece of blue Celestite or a Moraccan Geode and a generous amount of preserved moss.

White with Blue Celestite 
Fuchsia Moroccan Geode 



20in x 20in x 30in 



Gorgeous Phalaenopsis Orchids gathered into a coated aluminum box with preserved moss and finished with a substantial piece of crystal quartz geode!

21in x 21in x 29in
Orchid in Gold Vintage Vase Orchid in Gold Vintage Vase
white green fuchsia
white green fuchsia

This single Orchid gives a perfect sense of style of grace to any space! Tall and beautiful this orchid is finished with a group of preserved moss in a gold vintage glass vase.

7in x 10in x 22in

Indulge in beautiful and lush style with this stunning orchid arrangement finished with preserved moss and gathered into a large aluminum boat. 

26in x 12in x 24in 

Phalaenopsis orchids balanced on a beautiful piece of unique driftwood. Embellished with agate slabs, succulents, and soft supple preserved moss.

24in x12in x 25in

**Sizes and shapes will vary due to the natural nature of the driftwood

Orchids gathered into a hand-carved wood bowl, finished with various greenery and a substantial piece of crystal quartz geode.

20in x 15in x 26in 

A single orchid placed into a silver vintage mercury glass vase with soft preserved moss will make the perfect addition to your office or home!

6in x 10in x 22in

Bring charm and elegance into your home with this single fuchsia Phalaenopsis orchid nestled in a marble-like container.

9in x 9in x 20in

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