Build You Own Arrangement

DALLAS (PRWEB) May 06, 2021

T&C Floral Company brings the opportunity to build a custom faux floral arrangement. Calling all home décor enthusiasts now is the chance to design a personalized arrangement using a selection of T&Cs realistic faux orchids, plants, and gorgeous stones.

Customers can choose the stones, the plants, and the colors that are the perfect combination to show off artistic flair. Simple as that, time to get creative!

“Bringing our customers into the creative process allows everyone the chance to design and build pieces that add both beauty and meaning to their spaces,” says Tamara Taylor, owner of T&C Floral Company. “We’re excited to see the combinations each person chooses to enrich their environment.”

We have created two different types of botanical arrangements to choose from:

1.The first arrangement is a low glass rectangle filled with beautiful stones and faux agave plants. Choose from five different types of stone and two different plant colors.

2.The second arrangement features our signature faux orchids. These stunning beauties emerge from a low glass cylinder filled with exquisite stones. Choose from five different stones and three orchid colors.

The Build Your Own Faux Floral Arrangement feature is available now. For more information or to place an order, please visit:

The new Spring 2021 collection is available at:

About T&C Floral Company: The T&C Floral brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in modern faux floral design. Each arrangement is long-lasting, maintenance-free, meticulously designed, and handcrafted. Balanced designs and premium materials create pieces that soothe, inspire, and add beauty to any space.
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