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Fresh Cute Faux Rose Pink 

11L X 11W X 9H

seven red preserved roses and mosses lined into an elongated natural wood log, straight mother nature. 

100% Organic 

36L X 7W X 7H 

Preserved roses of different sizes set into a concrete bowl, finished with beautiful pieces of geodes and preserved moss.

16in X 16in X 9in


Rose Bouquet Ceramic White Gold Container Pink

10L X 10W X 11L

Roses Bouquet Ceramic white Gold Container White 

10L X 10W X 11L 

This unique arrangement is a show stopper! It features beautifully placed preserved roses, chunks of geodes, driftwood, preserved moss, and orchids embellish a hand-carved wood log. 

38in X 14in X 9in

Simple & Elegant, this cute floral arrangement with cream roses in faux water is perfect for a vanity tray, bookshelf, small nightstand, or end table.

Beautifully handcrafted in the U.S. with premium quality!

11L X 11W X 9H 

Preserved Roses in Rectangle Glass Preserved Roses in Rectangle Glass
burgundy orange white fuchsia

This stunning arrangement showcases beautifully preserved roses lined up on a bed of moss set in a clear rectangle glass container. 

24in X 4in X 4in

Cabbage Roses in Silver Square Cabbage Roses in Silver Square
cream red yellow

This delightful assortment of faux cabbage roses and succulents are gathered into a ceramic silver square container. This display is perfect for a bookcase, tabletop, or countertop! 

Available with red, cream, or yellow roses

5in X 8in X 8in 

Seven perfectly preserved roses nestled into a bed of preserved moss which all fit perfectly into a real natural wooden log, straight from mother nature to you!

36in X 7in X 7in

This beautiful arrangement features preserved roses from Ecuador, variations of orchid stems, succulents, and large pieces of Quartz placed in a dark brown wooden box. It's like having a rose garden indoors - and the best part? You don't have to water it! 

15in X 15in X 10in

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