Orchids are one of nature’s most perfect combinations of simplicity and complexity. Each bloom is but a few petals, but as part of a cascading stem becomes a work of art. 

Our faux orchids offer every ounce of that classic elegance without a single bit of fuss. T&C’s realistic artificial orchids need no sun, no water, and no tending. They look fantastic for years.

Find a faux orchid arrangement that’s perfect for every room in the house. From a single stem in an interesting container to multiple orchids clustered with other natural elements, there is a design for every décor and personality.

White Orchids in Gold Leafed Container


Cascading orchids look beautiful in any setting. This arrangement sets each artificial orchid stem carefully into preserved moss and faux greens. The result is an arrangement that looks amazing from...

Orchids & Selenite in Ceramic Face Vase


A beautiful mix of color and texture is the highlight of this faux orchid arrangement. Two artificial orchid stems are paired with four striking, tall selenite crystals in each arrangement....

Draped Orchids in Flat Ceramic Vase


You’ll love this draped artificial cymbidium orchid arrangement! The delicate flowers are carefully arranged with preserved moss, artificial plants, and a gorgeous geode crystal. Choose white orchids with glossy blue...

Double Orchid in Scalloped Cream Container


Orchids are intricate and delicate. Choosing a faux orchid arrangement gives you all of the beauty of this natural wonder with none of the upkeep.  This artificial orchid arrangement highlights...

White Orchids in Ceramic Bird Pot


Looking for a stunning floral arrangement that will add elegance and beauty to your home or office? Look no further than the White Orchids in Ceramic Bird Pot from T&C...

Double Orchid in Blue Finned Pot


Sometimes a container adds a whole new dimension to an artificial floral arrangement. This beauty has a cream finned pot holding a realistic faux orchid arrangement accented by a shimmering...

Large Log Filled with Orchids

1 review $699.00

This Large Log Filled with Phalaenopsis Orchids is the perfect way to decorate your home in a happy, carefree, and colorful way. Seven phalaenopsis orchids are tucked neatly into a...

Orchid in Bronze Wavy Pot


This elegant orchid with lush preserved moss and a geode accent creates much more than a faux flower arrangement Each arrangement is set into a bronze, wavy ceramic pot and measures...

Double Orchid in Bronze Square


This lush orchid arrangement is perfect on any table as a centerpiece. Featuring two beautiful orchids nestled in a bronze ceramic cube filled with bright green moss and an exotic...

Build Your Own Orchid


1. Pick Your Orchid Color 2. Pick Your Stone Type/Color

Orchids in Rectangle Ceramic Container


Your nature-loving heart will adore this multi-element arrangement of faux orchids, driftwood, agate slices, and preserved moss. Set into a low, contemporary ceramic rectangle, each of these glorious arrangements is...

Double Orchid in Silver Square

1 review $198.00

This lovely double orchid brings elegance to any room. Available in fuchsia, green, or white, the faux orchids are complemented by a bed of springy preserved moss and a subtly...

Double Orchid in Gold Square

3 reviews $198.00

You can’t beat the beauty and vibrancy of orchids, and these bright fuchsia flowers might just take your breath away. This display features two beautiful orchids nestled in a gold...

Orchids with Fluorite in Concrete Bowl

1 review $749.00

Phalaenopsis orchids take center stage with their delicate shape and beautiful cascading blossoms in this elegantly simple arrangement. Top quality artificial orchids are accented by a bed of shimmering fluorite...

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