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Benefits & Properties of Geodes in Interior Design

Benefits & Properties of Geodes in Interior Design

Geodes are one of Mother Nature’s most delightful little secrets. Nothing special on the outside, but filled with wonder.

Geodes are ordinary-looking igneous or sedimentary rocks. As they formed, gasses or organic matter created a cavity in which geodes contain brilliant, sparkling crystals of all shapes and sizes. 

Blue Calcite Geodes

Red and Blue Calcite Geodes

Calcite is a common mineral found in abundance in limestone and other sedimentary rocks. These beautiful crystals are rhombohedral, with four sides and a prism-like appearance. Calcite colors are created by other minerals or metals.

Red calcite geodes vary in color from nearly pink to dark brick red. Red calcite is said to energize rooms in which it is placed, making red calcite geodes ideal for conference rooms and other collaborative office spaces.

Blue calcite in geodes is generally opaque and varies in color from very pale to a deeper, mid-tone blue. All blue calcite colors are milky and soft. Blue calcite is said to have a protective quality when placed in homes.  The soft color of blue calcite makes it ideal for bedrooms and other spaces that feel serene. 

Fluorite Geodes
Fluorite Geodes

Pure fluorite is clear, but the fluorite in geodes comes in beautiful bright colors, usually purple or green. Some varieties are fluorescent. In geodes, fluorite can appear as many small crystals or as small crystals mixed with striking, large, cube-shaped individual crystals.

Fluorite is said to boost peacefulness in a space, as well as improve focus and concentration. A fluorite geode would fit nicely into a den or study, or a professional workspace.   


Quartz is a gorgeous, clear, hard mineral that has the distinction of being the second most bountiful in the Earth’s crust. Quartz is a trigonal crystal that forms stunning prisms.

Clear quartz crystals have been given meaning in civilizations since Ancient Greece. They are said to promote emotional and spiritual balance. A clear quartz geode is a good choice for any room or office. It also makes a great gift with its positive energy and versatile color.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Geodes

Rose quartz is a soft pink variety of quartz. It’s opaque or semi-translucent and varies in color from barely pink to deep rose. Rose quartz crystals are said to inspire love. 

All quartz crystals are regarded in Chinese feng shui as items that increase the energy flow of a room or home. A rose quartz geode makes a nice addition to a master bedroom, and all types of quartz fit well into a main living space.

Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst crystals are a gorgeous purple color, and within a geode they can vary from pale to deep hues. Purple Amethyst is a popular gemstone and a type of quartz.

Amethyst is said to calm the mind and many people choose it for studies, dens, or other workspaces.  

Citrine Geodes

Citrine crystals are golden-hued quartz crystals. In geodes, the color ranges from pale yellow to deep, earthy gold. Citrine, like amethyst, is a popular gemstone used in jewelry.

Citrine is said to radiate positive energy and happiness, making it ideal for any room, particularly spaces where people congregate like a kitchen or lobby.

T&C Floral Company creates arrangements that incorporate geodes containing all of these crystals, helping customers create spaces with a perfect balance of beauty and energy. 


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