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This beautiful and contemporary faux orchid arrangement will give you the look you love without the fuss! A stunning grouping of orchids set into preserved moss and adorned with a stone. The entire arrangement is seated in a gorgeous two-toned contemporary silver scoop vase with gold-leaf coating the inside. 


15in x 15in x 23in

An orchid makes a statement of class and sophistication as soon as you bring it into your home. This display features two unique orchids with the classic cascading effect you’ve come to expect from flowers of this caliber. The orchids are perfectly positioned side by side in a one-of-a-kind vintage champagne gold glass container topped off with vibrant green moss. Make any room feel more upscale and classy with the addition of this elegant orchid display. 

Choice of Fuchsia, Green, or White.


8in x 8in x 23in


Give any space a splash of style with this gorgeous arrangement in a one of a kind mixed metal, two-toned aluminum container; filled with Hydrangeas, chunks of real beautiful stones, and sedum.  


14in x 12in x 12in

A fern pack of 3 types of greenery placed in small rustic glass containers for a more natural look


12 x 12 x 12 ea

Create a lasting impression; this arrangement features four luxurious real to the touch orchid stems that flow down into a bed of various preserved succulents, finished with a gorgeous glimmering geode. This orchid arrangement has been created with excellent attention to detail and will stay simply beautiful for years to come,


26in x 22in x 22in 

This 36in hand-carved log is filled with a variety of adorable succulents. The succulents are anchored into place with fluorite that mimics water.

36in x 7in x 9in 

These 18" baby wood logs are sure to be a show stopper! They are filled with assorted stones and a variety of preserved moss.

These are the perfect size for a coffee table, bookcase, or anywhere you may need a little color and brightness! 

 18in x 5in x 4in

**wood may vary**

Double Phalaenopsis Orchids are perfectly fit into a vintage silver glass container, finished off with our beautiful preserved moss.

Available in Green, Fuchsia, and White.

8in x 8in x 23in

White Phalaenopsis orchids fitted into a concrete vessel with a overflow of fluorite making it look as if it sitting in water.

24 x24 x24  

Phalaenopsis orchids balanced on a beautiful piece of unique driftwood. Embellished with agate slabs, succulents, and soft supple preserved moss.

24in x12in x 25in

**Sizes and shapes will vary due to the natural nature of the driftwood

Life like to the touch and potted in a gently gilded concrete container.

 Yellow Oncidium orchids, also know as dancing orchids, potted in a glided light weight paper mache container.  Accented  with 2 agate slabs, grape wood and preserved moss's

16 x 16 x 33


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