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Sunflowers in Clear Glass Vase


Bring in that little bit of sunshine to your home with this happy and bright faux floral arrangement of artificial sunflowers. Beautifully displayed in a classic glass vase, these sunflowers...

Fresh Cut Faux Peonies

1 review $124.00

Peonies are some of the most beautiful blooms of summer, but they can be hard to cut and display. Faux peonies to the rescue! This gorgeous arrangement is available with...

Peonies In Silver Vase


This faux floral arrangement offers a boost of botanical beauty without any upkeep! It is lush with petals and adds a pop of color to liven up any area in...

Hydrangeas in Mixed-Metal Scoop


Sometimes the container is almost as interesting as the contents. In this arrangement, a mixed metal, two-toned aluminum double scoop-shaped container is home to faux hydrangeas and sedum, accented with a...

Bromeliad in Clear Glass Jar


A single faux Bromeliad set in a clear glass jar and finished with a variety of soft multi-colored moss. Choice of Orange, Red, or Yellow 11in X 11in X 13in

Hydrangeas in Glass Box


Set on a table, mantel, or shelf, these are the best faux hydrangeas you will ever see. Beautifully full and realistic with deep greenery, the blossoms are set into a...

Bromeliads in Hand Carved Wood Bowl


Introducing our Bromeliads in Hand-Carved Wood Bowl—a stunning botanical masterpiece that combines nature's beauty with artisan craftsmanship. These vibrant faux Bromeliad plants, nestled in a meticulously carved wood bowl, bring...

Bromeliad in White Wavy Pot


Brighten your space and add a touch of tropical vibes with this single faux Bromeliad in a fancy white wavy pot. The white color is neutral, making the piece a...

Bromeliad in a Unique Contemporary Container


Embrace the modern beauty of our Bromeliad arrangement, perfect for brightening any room. Vibrant Bromeliads are elegantly nestled in a white ceramic container, accompanied by succulents and preserved moss. Elevate...

Tulips in Clear Glass Vase - WH/GR


Natural-looking tulips are set in simulated water filled with crushed stones. 21L x 21W x 24H 

Succulents & Geodes in Concrete Bowl

4 reviews $299.00

Beautiful geodes and faux succulents are the stars of this striking arrangement that brings to mind a desert landscape. Surrounding the geodes is a collection of different faux succulents. Spiky,...

Orchids in Wood Bowl

1 review $498.00

This faux orchid arrangement has been organically arranged in a natural, hand-carved wood bowl, surrounded by ever-fresh forest style greenery for a bold look.  A substantial piece of crystal quartz...

Orchids in Large Metal Container

1 review $469.00

This stunning faux orchid arrangement is beautifully and tastefully finished with preserved moss and artificial succulents. The modern aluminum boat planter completes the look. Orchids are notoriously finicky flowers to...

Preserved Roses in Large Concrete Bowl


This modern concrete bowl that comes as a blend of beautiful roses, attractive pieces of geodes, and different shades of preserved moss. The roses and geodes are nestled in a...

Agave in Rectangular Glass


Looking for a statement piece to add to your home or office décor? Look no further than the Agave in Rectangle Glass from TC Floral Company. This striking arrangement features...

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